Alloy Orchestra, “Silents”

Artist: Alloy Orchestra
Title: Silents
Release Date: 1997

Alloy Orchestra, Silents, released 1997 by Accurate Records.

1) Complete Score

2) Into the Amazon
3) Dinosaur’s Revenge
4) The Couple

5) The Vampire’s Waltz
6) Lust
7) Hydra
8) The Escape
9) The Coffin

10) Yoshiwara
11) Escape from the Underground City
12) The Chase

13) Alonzo the Armless
14) Hands, Men’s Hands
15) Stung Like a Whip
16) Love Theme

Unfortunately, most of what I have to say about Silents I already said about New Music for Silent Films. The tracks I find compelling are those I’ve seen the Alloy Orchestra perform live — Nosferatu and Metropolis — and the others are interesting but not very arresting. Though I do prefer the music on New Music… to that on Silents.

I believe Nosferatu is the first vampire movie, based heavily on Dracula, to which director F.W. Murnau couldn’t get the rights — hence, “Nosferatu”. Like any old film, it has its dated bits, but there are some spectacular moments of dread, even 80 years after its release. The Alloy Orchestra again does a great job of setting the mood, but I find their Nosferatu soundtrack less good on its own that their Metropolis soundtrack.

Incidentally, “Yoshiwara”, not included on New Music…, was written for scenes in a den of ill repute, and is some excellently sleazy music.