amiina, “Seoul”

Artist: amiina
Title: Seoul
Release Date: 2007

amiina, Seoul, released 2006 by the worker’s institute

1) Seoul
2) Ugla
3) Ammælis

Seoul is a little EP of more amiina; the three tracks on here are lovely and fun, if not transcendent like those on AminanimA. As before, they focus on adding and removing layers, although their choice of instruments ranges a bit further afield: “Seoul” introduces a musical saw, “Ugla” includes a gently rocking acoustic guitar[1], and “Ammælis”…well, it starts out with a little beatbox rhythm that’s literally sampled from a cheap 1980s keyboard[2].

As they’re planning the release of their first full-length CD soon, as well as a US tour in March/April 2007, this EP feels like an appetizer. Tasty and appealing, but a stepping stone to something greater.

(1) Of which I’m not a big fan, since it makes their sound less unique.

(2) I always think of Casio Strongbad when the track opens.