A Conversation Between Gods

Work Type: Chamber, Classical

Instrumentation: piccolo, trombone, and percussion

Duration: 8 minutes

I. Murmurs (Introductions)
II. Machinations (Conflicts)
III. Millennium (Departures)

A Conversation Between Gods grew out of a request by Joshua Lawton to write a piece for trombone. After much thought, I decided upon the ensemble of trombone, piccolo, and four percussionists – though everybody is present only in the second movement. The piece is about opposition and conflict, as the two main melodic instruments interrupt each other constantly, vying for control of the percussion.

The title of the piece comes from a statement one of my former college roommates said of the other: “His body is like a conversation between gods”. While not necessarily about Scott’s physique or the occasionally prickly relationships between my and my roommates, it does involve characters who meet one another, engage in some violent disagreements, and part ways without quite resolving their differences. You are welcome to read it that way.

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