Cobralingus: Begin Vein Thrum Intone

Work Type: Classical, Solo

Instrumentation: piano

Duration: 8 minutes

Cobralingus: Begin Vein Thrum Intone is an experiment in transformative processes, partly inspired by Cobralingus, a collection of experimental fiction by Jeff Noon in which he manipulates pre-existing texts (such as a passage from Shakespeare, or a poem by Emily Dickinson) in various ways to create new works that retain deep connections to their ‘seed’ texts.

The idea for Begin Vein Thrum Intone was hatched by a remark I overheard that Ligeti’s Continuum sounded like a CD skipping. It also draws from artist Tom Friedman’s work, specifically pieces in which he combines multiple copies of objects, such as thirty-six one-dollar bills, and combines them into one large object. The sound editing program Metasynth was another source of inspiration.

[INLET: BWV 779] [ITERATE] x 3



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