Cobralingus: Encode/Decode

Work Type: Classical, Solo

Instrumentation: piano

Duration: 10 minutes

Cipher 1
Substitution Key
Cipher 2
Grouping Key
Cipher 3
Additive Key


Inlet 1: BWV 772
Inlet 2: B-A-C-H
Set Parameters: Explode
Set Parameters: Search and Replace
Search and Replace

Cobralingus: Encode/Decode is an experiment in transformative processes. It takes part of its title from Cobralingus, a collection of experimental fiction by Jeff Noon in which he takes a selection from an already existing piece of literature and transforms it through a variety of methods, resulting in texts that are very different from the original, yet maintain deep connections to the source material; these methods are inspired by dubbing and remixing techniques developed by artists working in electronic music.

This piece in particular was inspired by cryptographic techniques; the movements may be played in either forwards or reverse order; the program listing should change depending on what choice the performer makes.

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