Quantum Dances

Work Type: Chamber, Classical

Instrumentation: chamber ensemble

Duration: 10 minutes

1. Cloud Chamber
2. Electron Fog
3. Meson Lattice
4. Virtual Particles
5. Uncertainty Principle

Quantum Dances is inspired by a number of ideas and facets of quantum theory.

A cloud chamber is a vapor-filled glass enclosure into which subatomic particles are fired and collide with each other, creating beautiful and surprising patterns as their paths are traced in the vapor.

We cannot talk about electrons as concrete objects so much as zones of possibility – areas of space in which one is likely to find an electron.

The eight types of mesons exist in a subtle and elegant symmetry.

Even in the most complete of vacuums, virtual particles wink into and out of being, linked pairs of particles that appear and cancel one another out, somehow both causing and negating each other’s existence.

We cannot know both the location and velocity of a particle; in measuring one aspect, we change the other.



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