Michael Veloso

Michael J. Veloso is a composer who writes for classical ensembles, theater, and video games; though contemporary, modernist chamber music was his first love, he writes in a broad variety of styles, ranging from epic orchestral music to brooding electronica to rip-roaring big band numbers. He lives in Boston with his wife and two wonderful sons.

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    I am incredibly proud to announce that Jaggery and I will be presenting Having It Out With Melancho...

    27 Oct 2016
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    I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to compose music for [email protected]’s producti...

    11 Apr 2016
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    Wizdy Pets was recently released! It’s a virtual pet game that helps children learn how to ma...

    20 Jan 2016
  • Jaggery presents The Beautiful and the Grotesque

    I’m honored that art-rock band Jaggery will be performing two of my songs at this show, along...

    01 May 2015